A new CT scanner at the Southampton Hospital means better quality Healthcare right here in Saugeen Shores.
Currently, patients are transferred to Owen Sound for this service. Help us keep care close to home, and let’s bring a CT to the Saugeen Memorial Hospital.

An Opportunity to Bring Diagnostic CT Services to Saugeen Shores

We Need Your Support To Help Bring Tom To Town

To bring a new CT Scanner to Saugeen Shores we need to fund the initial cost to purchase and install this new machine through donations. Our campaign goal is to raise $3,000,000 dollars. With your support we will be able to help bring more care closer to home at the Southampton Hospital. This opportunity means better quality Healthcare right here in Saugeen Shores.

What would a CT Scanner mean to you?

A CT Scanner in Saugeen Shores would mean…

  • Quicker treatment which will save lives
  • Better & faster patient care
  • More timely access to care
  • Better care closer to home for patients
  • Efficient patient care for you & your family
  • The right tool to treat people close to home
Raised 1 million to date

Why does Saugeen Shores need a computerized TOMography (CT) Scanner?

The new CT scanner project is important for both the hospital and our community. Over 13,100 CT scans are performed each year at the hospital in Owen Sound with a large number of those patient visits being made up of residents from Saugeen Shores, Saugeen First Nations, the areas surrounding Saugeen Shores as well as visitors to our area.
Currently, patients needing a CT scan at the hospital in Saugeen Shores are transferred to Owen Sound for their scan before treatment can begin.

  • Having diagnostic CT services at the hospital in Saugeen Shores would enhance and improve patient care for our families, friends and neighbours and could save lives by:
  • Providing high quality detailed imaging right in Saugeen Shores with less delay which means quicker diagnoses and treatment.
  • No longer needing to transport patients to Owen Sound for a CT Scan which also saves valuable staff time by not having to dispatch nursing staff to travel with the patient, Keeping essential nursing care here at our local hospital.
  • Having up to date medical technology and additional needed services such as the CT makes our local hospital an attractive option during physician recruitment.

You can have a significant impact on the health of your community

Your gift to the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation’s CT Campaign goes beyond just helping to bring new equipment and up to date technology to our community.
The impact of your gift will touch thousands of lives in so many different ways in the coming years.

Your generosity will help to reduce patient wait times for residents of a number of area communities.

Your gift will be the key to creating a new standard of care that gives access to CT technology to people right where they live and are treated.

Your commitment to help bring the CT scanner to our community will free up appointments in Owen Sound for more complex imaging, such as tests for stroke patients and cancer biopsies, with fast access to routine testing available in Southampton.

Thanks to your donation oncology patients in our area will be able to have their follow up CT scans performed close to home and avoid unnecessary travel.

The impact you will have on the care provided in Saugeen Shores goes beyond bringing a CT scanner to our community; it also means opening the door to future advancements in healthcare by offering the possibility for expanded services with the potential to add additional software to the CT. This could mean more complex scans and services currently only offered in Owen Sound could become the norm in Saugeen Shores.

Providing high quality detailed imaging right in Saugeen Shores will mean quicker diagnoses and less time before active medical treatment begins.

“Having a CT scanner in Saugeen Shores would mean that our physicians have the right tools to treat people close to home… and it will save lives.”

Gary Sims

CEO Grey Bruce Health Services

An opportunity to bring diagnostic CT services to Saugeen Shores

…because image is everything

“Currently, almost every shift in the ER we are sending patients to Owen Sound for a CT scan. This takes crucial ambulance vehicles off the road and nursing staff out of our ER in order to transport a patient.”

Dr. David Billings

ER Physician

Thank you for your consideration

Thank you for your interest in supporting the purchase of a new CT Scanner for Grey Bruce Health Services at Saugeen Memorial Hospital. You can help keep Quality Healthcare in Saugeen Shores with new local leading-edge diagnostic CT services.
Your support will ensure that your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues can get the care they need at home, where they live, work and play.

Thank you for sharing our vision for better local healthcare

Corporate Supporters

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this opportunity further or arrange a tour of our facilities, please do not hesitate to contact:

Tracy Murray
Executive Director
Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation
340 High St. Southampton, ON N0H 2L0

Office: 519-797-3230 x3230

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