…it is torture to have to travel that far and back.

“On May 9th I drove myself 2 minutes to the Southampton Hospital from my home. I was seen immediately. In his examination, the doctor determined that he needed to have results from a CT scan for diagnostic purposes. He then explained that unfortunately there is no CT machine at the Southampton Hospital and I would have to travel to Owen Sound. He said he had already contacted them and they would be expecting me.

I was in no condition to drive myself or even travel the 40 minutes to Owen Sound and then all the way back again but that is what I had to do since there was no CT at my local hospital. I had to get my husband to come and take me. The 80 minutes in a car may not seem like a lot to some people on a regular day, but when you are feeling ill enough to have gone to the ER it is torture to have to travel that far and back. I was in tears the whole way, it was agony.

We desperately need to have critical equipment like the CT scanner available here in our community without having to transfer patients elsewhere for services.

If it had been winter time the trip would have been even worse. I live 2 minutes from a hospital, and hope that we can all come together to make sure we all have access to a CT scanner right here where we live.”


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